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Moradelli - in its 7th generation


Working as a master shoe maker, Andreas Moradelli and his family live in Trient, Italy.



His son Andreas emigrates to Munich and settles as a lock smith in Schwabing, at that time an outer borrow of Munich.

Moradelli Haus in München 

Türbeschlag im Schloss Neuschwanstein


On December 6, 1794 he is accepted as a member of the cooperative society of locksmiths of Munich.


His son Karl Moradelli manages the company with great success and purchases a Renaissance building near the Hofbräuhaus. Today, it is still listed in the municipal register as the Moradelli House.


The sons Carl, Joseph und Alois Moradelli continue in the locksmith business.

Carl Moradelli proves to be an exceptional craftsman and his renowned artistic work drew attention, and he was appointed to Royal Bavarian Locksmith to work for the Royal Family of Wittelsbach. His work on the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Linderhof Palace was the reason for many accolades.

Alois Moradelli’s work on furnace linings laid the foundation for industrial manufacturing.


the first telephone connection is installed and the company moves to what used to be the edge of town, near the Goetheplatz in Munich.

Skizze Ofenverkleidung von 1896


Son Alois Anton assumes the management of the company.



Manufacture of perforated sheet metal starts. To do this, the company acquires a used 50 tonne sectional press.


After the premature death of Alois Anton, his daughter Luise manages the company. Times are getting tough and the company barely survives the Black Friday 1929.


After the war, reconstruction of the heavily damaged company starts and additional perforating machines, shears and bending presses are installed.


The German “Wirtschaftswunder” (economic miracle) is running full speed. The production focusses mainly on perforated sheet metals, perforated casings, radiator covers and machine enclosures


The Olympic Games in Munich bring an additional boom to the local economy. Moradelli recognises the trend and produces perforated sheet metal plates for architectural and structural purposes.


More space is required. The company moves to the outskirts of Munich and the son-in-law Ludwig Sauer relocates the company to Kirchheim, east of Munich, where it is connected to the national motorway for the first time. The company is still located in Kirchheim. Now, there is sufficient room for new logistics and additional machinery.



In addition to perforated sheet metals, embossed product become more and more popular.


For the first time, a punch-nipple machine is used in the perforated sheet metal branch.


Investment in a high performance perforation press to produce perforated sheet metal plates; now also with preparation off a coil.


Son Thomas expands the production facilities, followed by the construction of a new administration building.


 first automated punch press that allows the fully automated nigh shift operation without the presence of any personnel.


Additional purchase of adjacent property in order to preclude future space requirements.


entering the laser technology age by applying combined punch/laser machines with automation. perforated sheets and laser-cut sheet metal being produced 24 hours a day.


Development of honeycomb-shaped punched and bent façade for the AUDI Sales Terminals in close cooperation with Audi and Architects ASW Allman, Sattler, Wappner.


Moradelli is selected the status of Audi preferred vendor. Since then, the production of sheet metal façades is virtually automated and ready for delivery and installation to any Audi building project worldwide.


Expansion of the bending technology through an automated swivel bending machine as well as the usage of additional punch/laser system.


Entering water jet cutting technology. By adding an index table to the equipment, water jet cutting of the sheet metal plates is fully automated.


components with complex geometrical features are produced. The focus is on perforated plates, embossed plates, laser-manufactured components and parts cut with water jet technology. The last few years have seen an enormous expansion of processing methods. Now, ready-to-install components can be delivered and fit precisely into façades, wall facing and panelling, balcony railings, filters, perforated casings, sieves, enclosures, covers and components for the plant construction.

 Audi facades

Audi facades





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